Émouvante représentation d'une femme en deuil près du Monument canadien à Vimy
Statue émouvante d'une femme en deuil au Mémorial de Vimy.

Aller et retour d'Arras au mémorial canadien de la crête de Vimy

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55€ pour la voiture (de 1 à 4 passagers).

Nous venons vous chercher à la gare ou à votre lieu de résidence puis nous vous conduisons dans un véhicule confortable et équipé pour visiter le mémorial Canadien de Vimy, tout en vous contant l’histoire des terres que l’on traverse.

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Émouvante représentation d'une femme en deuil près du Monument canadien à Vimy
Statue émouvante d'une femme en deuil au Mémorial de Vimy.

Round Trip from Arras to the Memorial Canadian Vimy Ridge

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58€ for the car (1 to 4 passengers: 3 adults and 1 child).

From Arras to the Canadian Vimy Memorial. We are a passenger transport company offering private trips to sites of remembrance. We will accompany you to the Canadian Vimy Memorial.

The Canadian Vimy Ridge Memorial

The Canadian Vimy Memorial is a First World War memorial erected on the site of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, which took place from April 9 to 12, 1917. The Battle of Vimy was a major victory for Canadian forces, who succeeded in taking control of Vimy Ridge, a strategic point defended by the Germans. The Memorial pays tribute to the Canadian soldiers who fought and died during the war, particularly those who have no known grave. Designed by Canadian architect Allward, the Memorial was inaugurated on July 26, 1936 by King Edward VIII. The Memorial is regarded as a symbol of Canada’s sacrifice and courage, and of its national identity. It is part of Canada’s network of national historic sites, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2023.

Go to the Vimy Ridge Memorial in Arras with a local professional?

You leave with your driver for Vimy Ridge. Your driver, a native of the region, will show you the highlights of the Memorials. He takes a different route on the way back, stopping to show you the Targette British Cemetery, the French Military Cemetery and the Fraternization Memorial. A little further down the road you’ll see the largest German cemetery in Europe. RMB transports et Michel will take you (up to 4 passengers at a time) at no extra charge, every day of the week including Sundays.

You’ll walk in the footsteps of the Canadians who came to defend freedom.

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Practical information

  • English- and French-speaking Canadian guides
  • No age limit
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Don’t forget the country code (+…) before the telephone number when booking.
  • Weather conditions have no impact on your visit. Dress accordingly

Interpretation center opening hours

Mondays 12 am to 6 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays 10 am to 6 pm

From October 1st
Mondays 11am to 5pm, Tuesdays to Sundays 9am to 5pm

Closed mid-December to end of January 2024

The Canadian Vimy Ridge Memorial with RMB Transports

  • A guided tour with commentary by a native of the region.
  • An opportunity to meet and share.
  • Free Wi-Fi access throughout the trip.
  • Travel in a comfortable, hybrid private transport vehicle.
  • Free pick-up and drop-off at your place of residence.
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas in French and English.

100% free cancellation up to 2 days before departure. RMB charges a 5% cancellation fee if the reservation is cancelled 1 day or less before departure.

Further information on the Memorial Canadian Vimy Ridge

Construction of the Vimy Memorial: It took 11 years to erect this majestic monument, the work of architect Alward. The monument stands on a base of 11,000 tonnes of concrete reinforced with hundreds of tonnes of steel. The 2 quadrangular towers and statues are made of 6,000 tonnes of sandstone from an abandoned Roman quarry near the Adriatic Sea, now in Croatia. The statues were carved where they stand today. A statue with a cloak was carved from a 30-ton block of stone and stands in front of the monument overlooking the Lens-Liévin plain. This sad statue of a woman represents Canada, a young country mourning its dead. Further down is a grave draped in laurel branches, featuring a helmet and sword. On either side of the front walls, at the base of the steps, stand the Defenders, 2 groups of statues called the Breaking of the Sword and the Compassion of Canadians for the Weak. Above each group is a cannon draped in laurel and olive branches. Engraved on the walls of the monument are the names of more than 11,000 Canadian soldiers who perished in France and whose names and burial places were unknown at the time. Canadians fought and died during the war. More than 7,000 of them are buried in 36 military cemeteries located within a 20 km radius of the Canadian National Memorial. More than 66,000 Canadians lost their lives in the First World War. The 2 white quadrangular towers, one featuring maple leaves from Canada and the other the fleur-de-lys from France, symbolize the sacrifices of both countries. Statues represent peace and justice. Below, on the backs of the towers, are statues representing truth and knowledge. Surrounding these statues are the coats of arms of Canada, Great Britain and France. At the base of the towers we see a young soldier dying, the spirit of sacrifice and the torchbearer.

Émouvant Mémorial Terre-Neuvien de Beaumont Hamel

Return transfer from Arras to the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial